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Judging criteria

Abstract submissions have now closed.

Abstract judging criteria

Judging of the abstracts will be conducted by the Research Presentation Awards subcommittee. Abstracts will be judged based on excellence in three criteria:

Abstract quality

The abstract should succinctly portray the background, rationale, methodological approach, key findings and significance of the research. The abstract needs to appeal to an audience who may not be familiar with the field of research.

Scientific quality

The research presented should be of a high quality conducted with the most appropriate and advanced techniques. The analysis of the data should be thoroughly and rigorously conducted.

Scientific and clinical significance

The clinical or scientific significance and impact on the field should be clearly portrayed. The key findings of the study should be supported by the evidence presented. The outcomes should be interpreted in the context of the state of development in the research field.

Judging of abstracts will take into account outstanding qualities in each criterion. Equal weighting of these qualities will apply.

Presentation judging criteria

Judging of oral presentations will consider excellence in the three abstract judging criteria in addition to presentation criteria. Judging will be conducted by an esteemed panel of research leaders in multiple fields and honorary donors to the PA Research Foundation.

Delivery and communication quality

The presentation needs to appeal to an intelligent but non-specialist audience, follow a logical sequence, engage and educate the audience.


The presentation adheres to the timing guidelines:

  • Oral presentation: lightning talk, total four minutes.
  • Poster presentation: elevator pitch, total one minute.


  • Submissions open:¬†Monday 27 March 2023
  • Submissions close:¬†3pm Friday 9 June 2023.
Last updated 30 June 2023
Last reviewed 12 June 2023